Thursday, April 7, 2011

STP Training: Day 30

So my first month of owning a road bike is almost done. I have to say it's been amazing. A few small goals have been missed, mostly due to weather, but many others have been met.

Sure, I missed the 18 mile McClinchey Mile ride in mid-March because of the transportation issues, but that day I did take down 17.2 miles before a flat did me in.

I may not be pacing 20 miles per hour around fown, but I did manage a 32 MPH sprint on the road. Plus, in the world of maintaining the bike, I've changed 2 tubes and a full tire now. Not too shabby for a rookie.

So now it's time for the weather to improve and the distances to get longer. Eventually it has to happen or Portland is just going to be a pipedream. So, here's to some sunny days and faster rides! I'll see you all in PDX on the flip side in my new shoes.

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