Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Today was a fun day. We celebrated Mom's Birthday today in Port Orchard with John and the kids. Chuck and Natalia came later with Alex, but we had to get going a bit early to keep Evie's normal schedule intact.

The day started out with a wonderful ferry ride over to Port Orchard with John and the kids, and of course, with the newest addition to the group, Cara.

We all enjoyed the ride across the sound and the gorgeous weather, which changed when we arrived. The clouds rolled in and the rain started, but didn't really get going through most of the day.

Once we were there and inside, the kids played, mostly on the Wii, but some with each Evie also. We had a barbecue with smoked sausages and hot dogs. The kids just couldn't wait for the donut cake though. It was a big hit.

The highlight of the day was definitely present time, when mom opened her photograph of the grandkids we had taken a few weeks back. It was amazingly perfect.

Overall, the day was about as good as it could possibly have been. So, happy birthday to you Mom! We love you.

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