Thursday, June 13, 2013

Join Me And Get Free

I'm sick of seeing people pay too much for wireless service. Join with me now and get a free SIM card for your phone and three more to help you make your first paying trio on Solavei!

Solavei is the nation's first social networking cellular service. It pays its members to recommend the service to others. For every three people you bring in, you make $20 a month. For every three they bring in, you get $10 more!

With my Join Me And Get Free promo, you will get FREE SIM cards for your first three members. These might be friends, family or that guy at the coffee shop. The point is, you get unlimited talk, text and data for $49 a month plus taxes and a head start on a new source of income.

Families can save even more by structuring their lines to where a $250 cell bill becomes $220 with no additional work! Visit my FREE SIM page at to get your cards!

Limited Time Offer!

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$49 Unlimited Talk, Text and Data

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