Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dropping Fast Enough...

So today was day three of my weight loss plan, if you want to call it that. So far, I've dropped 8 pounds in those 3 days. I'm down to 297.2 and probably looking at another 3 pound drop today. The gym seems to be the best way of dropping quickly, so I need to keep that as a priority.

Today I destroyed the elliptical and the recumbent cycle. Between the two, I should have burned 600-700 calories. That should be about what I took in so far today.

Right now, I want to highlight the fact that I am blogging from my Nokia Lumia 810 while working out. This thing is great. The front facing camera snapped the facial image above and the music player is keeping the tunes going in my Bluetooth earphones without fail. The expandable storage is great for loading an extended amount of music for longer workouts and Nokia Music can be played offline for even more sounds.

Using Apps like MyFitnessPal extends the Lumia to being a calorie counter and exercise tracker as well. If anyone has any tips on using other fitness apps, feel free to fire off recommendations below.

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