Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Not Sleeping? Me Either...

This is one of those not so fun nights that I've been experiencing this week. Evie has been up and down most of the night. Ara is catching up on some lost sleep and I am wide awake blogging again. It is frustrating, but I feel so on edge about letting her sleep that I feel like I have to listen for Evie and her every attempt at waking up...

It isn't logical, nor is it something I should even worry about. Unfortunately, I do. I should just put my phone down and get to sleep right now. After all, we were in bed over an hour ago ready to fall asleep. Look at how time flies when your having fun.

Oh side note... That image above was taken of our little crazy baby at Burger Madness in Monroe. She was glued to SpongeBob Squarepants and didn't even notice me snagging it. I then popped it into Fhotoroom, cropped it and filtered it. Turned out pretty good for a restaurant/jammies shot.

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