Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finally Back To The Gym

It's been far too long my friend. Where did the year go? Seemed like just yesterday, down 35 pounds, feeling better each day... Not so long ago, yet, the last few months of bad weather meant not much riding to work at all. No riding to work meant quite a weight gain and that not so great feeling, feeling.

Fortunately, I'm back in the gym tonight for the first time in two months. There's quite a bit of work to get done, but I have to start here before I can start to see it again. Today will be that day... No more soda, no more crap-tastic food... It is time for that change.

So far 15 minutes on the free climber, 30 minutes on the bike and some pre-workout stretching has felt pretty good. The music of the Nokia Music Hair Bands playlist is keeping me moving and pressing onward. I'm also blogging this right now from the gym! You have to love the versatility of the modern smartphone!

From the gym, I'm signing off for now, but I'll see you all here again tomorrow!

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