Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maybe We Will Move?

So after experiencing the sticker shock of the cost of moving in to our fall back place, we had all but decided to stay put in the apartment for another 6 months. We just couldn't handle the $3000+ deposits that some of them wanted. Maybe if they included last months rent or something, it would have been different.

Just as we became "content" again, and I use that word in the, "Beats being homeless," sort of way, we were called by a friend who has a relative with a rental in Snohomish. It is now a question of timing,  rather than money for our move. If everything works out, we would pack up mid February and be out of here. If not, we would have six more months of the trompy's up stairs before we break free.

That said, I snapped this photo on the way in to the apartment. This was a stack of rocks that Evie and I piled up over the summer on the landscaping rock out front. It hit me that despite what we think of this place, this is home to Evie. She's too young to know about the annoyances. She's too little to understand the poor staffing. She's just happy where she is,as long as Daniel Tiger is on and there's Fruit Loops on the table.

The rocks have stood the summer time and people coming and going. The rocks have made it through the fall rains, and neighbors moving away. The rocks have even outlasted the winter freezes. I guess I look at the life lesson of our little rock pile and smile. When you build your rock pile on a solid foundation, it out lasts all of us, no matter what happens around it, it will always be able withstand the weather, the people around it and most of all, everything that's out of our control. That's the benefit of a solid foundation.

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