Monday, January 7, 2013

Losing Family

This has been a really bad week. During a time of year that should be about new beginnings and wonder, our family has been dealt the biggest loss that one can endure. The amazing woman that we call Jan, Mama and GiGi has been defeated by a horrible disease. No, she isn't gone completely, but after her ill-fated fall on New Year's Eve, her last week plus has been spent at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue.

With all the odds against it, I was personally holding out hope that they could heal her feet up enough for her to climb back on them and go home. I just knew that she would get out of that dreadful hospital room and go home one more time... Unfortunately, that trip will not be the one that she gets to make this time.

Tomorrow, she will be transferred to a hospice facility to either beat this evil back one more time, or to finally wave the white flag and surrender. Part of me wishes that she has that last bit of fighting left, while the other just hopes that she can find peace. The less selfish side, the side that wants what's best for her, and the rest of the family, just wants her to pass peacefully on into the night so we can remember the amazing person that she will always be.

In the mean time, the prayers will continue, friends will visit and the waiting room at the end of the hall will be where one small child loses herself in her favorite shows, not realizing what is happening a few feet away.

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