Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Kid And Technology

Evie loves herself a nice cellphone. She likes to watch movies, play games and enjoy a funny video of herself. She is exactly like me when it comes to her devices. What's funny is that she seems to forget the world when she is holding that precious Rollie Pollie Ollie playing minature TV, and that's just fine by her.

It made me wonder if letting kids "entertain" themselves with our gadgets is a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, should kids under 5 use these little things for a distraction or should we shelter them from them as long as possible. Will my little girl be asking for a Facebook page next week?

On the flip side to those thoughts, does using this stuff actually give her a bit of a headstart on life? When she gets to be school age, tablets will replace textbooks, media will be the leaning tool prefered by teachers and parents will be playing catch up on the latest and greatest. It's scary to think that 3 or 4 years from now, she will be in 2nd grade, using all this technology to become smarter.

Perhaps playing flying penguins, Perry and watching a few hours of Rollie Pollie Ollie isn't as much distraction as it is prepping her well for the future.

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