Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Idiots Among Us

I tried really hard to get an image of this one, but it was too dark and too far away. So, instead, you get a really bad picture and the story of the moron and his girlfriend that snuck into the cabaña to use the hot tub well after hours tonight.

The story begins at 10:00 when I snuck off to the shower and hopped into bed... Ara comes in a few minutes later and tells me to come check out the kids that are getting busted for sneaking in to the cabaña. I hop out of bed and take a look out the window to see two of Monroe's finest, with two kids standing outside the pool area of the apartments. There's two problems with this scenario... One, the pool closes at 10:00... Two, it closes in September...

So we begin to watch. The cops bang on the door of the "owner's" apartment, and after about 10 minutes he finally comes out. The officer starts with the usual questions and eventually two more people make an appearance from the unit in question.

We're now and hour plus into this fun little excursion and the officers are speaking to the entire group. The rain is beginning to fall again, and the officers are standing out in it. I can only imagine that they are thrilled to be dealing with such a fun group tonight. They continue their verbal instructions for a while, until they cut the two kids loose back to their home...

I'm a bit shocked that the complex didn't have someone come out to check things. I'm even more shocked that the kids didn't get hauled off for making the cops stand in the rain for that long. Oh well, at least it was interesting.

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