Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Projects

So often around the holidays we get caught up in spending money on gifts, getting out to see the decorations everywhere and just forget how simple the holidays should be. We forget to take a day here or there to just enjoy being a family and spending some time together. As we count down to Christmas, here are a few fun projects that work for families of all ages...

Make Christmas Cards
A bit of construction paper, glue and glitter can make some seriously cute cards. All you need to do is just cut the shape of a tree, star, angel or snowflake from your paper, put some glue on it and sprinkle away with the glitter. You have one fun sparkly card ready to go.

Make Tree Ornaments
Use the same ideas as above, but this time either purchase some plain white ball ornaments or make some cool ones from the kids hand prints by placing two together in a 3D format. Simple cut two hands out, slit the top of one and the bottom of the other and slip them together. Decorate them and get them hanging on that tree.

Making Christmas Cookies
Sugar cookies and some frosting can be an amazing way to spend the afternoon inside. Simply make up a batch of sugar  cookies, grab some frosting and decorate till your hearts content. Plus you get the added bonus of having an extra gift or just having some fresh cookies to have with that Christmas movie later that evening.

Making Snowglobes
A Mason Jar, some hot glue or gel super glue and some Christmas miniatures combined with some glitter can make the most adorable gift idea. Glue the miniatures to the lid of the jar. Fill the jar with enough water to allow a small air gap to remain when the lid is on and sprinkle a bit of glitter, or a ton if you want more snow, with a bit of either glitter glue or glycerin into the jar. You have an adorable snow globe in minutes.

Of course, you can use your own great ideas to fill in those holiday evenings, but these will sure get you in the mood quick as you can assemble them.

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