Sunday, August 12, 2012

Turning 37...

Thursday was my birthday. It started off normal enough, working in the morning and having to close up the shop since nobody else showed up. Yep, pretty normal. From there, the day got much more fun.

Ara picked me up at 4:30 from work where we dropped Evie off at a friends house to play for a few hours. We then headed south to Bellevue to hit Sushi Maru for dinner. It was delicious as usual, and then time to head over to Redmond Town Center to catch a movie at the iPics Theater there.

iPics is far from a "movie theater" as it is more like a living room with a giant TV and waiters. Since we had just had dinner, we walked the mall and relaxed a bit before settling on for our movie. We chose Safety Not Guaranteed and loved it. Quirky, funny and entertaining. A perfect mix.

Now, the theater was where the real fun was. For $22 you get a wonderful experience including popcorn, and tableside service throughout the flick. We ordered a cucumber soda, a blackberry mojito and a piece of Chocolate Cake that was quite good. Overall, the wonderful night with the wife was perfect. Mostly due to the company, but the places we went were fun too.

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