Monday, August 27, 2012

Solavei - A Possible Future?

I was recently sent an email for an upstart cellular company from Bellevue called Solavei. The company was in search of MLM people to push their new social network of cellular users to the public. I blew it off until I got an email from another person that was into the system as well. So, I accepted the invite from the company and jumped on board.

The system is a great little deal with $49 cellular with unlimited talk, text and data. The cost is competitive and the coverage is good using the T-Mobile network. Overall, it seemed like a good program to get onboard with.

Then I started doing the math... For every 3 people I sign up, I get $20... For every 3 people they sign up, I get another $20. This means with a standard of 3 people per month, and those 3 bringing in the same, by the end of the first year, my monthly take would be over $3000 a month!

This isn't a pipedream or a get rich quick scheme, but a real, tangible goal that i could reach. Just looking around, I see people that I can help save money, and earn some at the same time. This could be the beginning of a new life, a life without crappy apartments, or living paycheck to paycheck... A real "dream life" for me and my family.

If you are reading this and want to check out the system and see how you can make the change, visit me online at and fill in your name and email. I'll get an invitation back to you as quickly as possible. Start making a difference in your future today.

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