Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Chickens?

There's something about adopting an animal that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. There's also something about having animals (yes plural) dumped on you that is very stressful. Our chickens are one of those "stressful" ones.

A few weeks back, we were lucky enough to have 10 chickens dumped at the farm for "us" by friends of the family. This was pretty cool, mainly because Ara had been talking about getting some chickens for awhile. Talk about great timing right? Well that was before all the medical problems and the fact that there was zero usable space for them.

So the journey began to make a little home for the 10 chicks. That wasn't too hard since they were so tiny, but then they began growing and doing it quickly. Plans for a pallet coup, pretty coups, affordable coups and even scanning Craigslist for coups was a daily thing.

We now have 10 very close to full grown chickens and finally have four walls to build our run around. We still have to get the roof on, but baby steps on our first project here. Today we finished the sweep out doors and let the chickens roam for the first time. That was a big step and the first in getting them ready for a run. Hopefully, we can get the run mapped out and ready to roll either before we leave for Disneyland or right when we get back.

Then we can get the roof on and make them a happy home instead of a cluttered cage.

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