Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Feeling Different

My search for a new job has me feeling completely strange today. I was riding in to work, seeing the back to school crowds, buses, hugs and kisses, and just felt strange about it all. I don't know why, or what made this day so different.

Perhaps it was the fact I had to schedule my own interview for Friday. Perhaps it's the feeling of going to work for someone that isn't as qualified as I am to do their job. Maybe it's even just those 'new job jitters' that I haven't had to deal with in 6 years.

I guess I'm half excited to see if this career change is something we can do. If it is, I'm sure looking forward to it. If the money just isn't there though, I'm just not sure I can take the risk.

By for now, I'll keep my distorted view of reality and keep on keepin on...

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