Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crazy Windy Sunday

Sometimes it takes a crazy day like today to make bus appreciate the simpler days. Today the weather changed every 5 minutes. The rain came and went. The sun did the same.

The weather today was much like my life has felt in the last few weeks, crazy and ever changing. I think the biggest change was in the last 48 hours. I came to the realization that nothing is ever perfect and that a church is not excluded from that thought.

It took a special event called the LIFE Conference for me to appreciate how much a church is driven by the vision of the people that attend, rather than the Pastor and Elders. Perhaps I can be one that joins that less than perfect church and helps it become a bit closer to perfect for some. If not, at least I can try to influence the leaders to preach the message of salvation, repentance and love... Instead of the giving, doing and love that I've heard in the past.

So, when the wind starts blowing hard enough to knock over your signs, remember to ask yourself if you need someone to hold your ladder when you fix those signs.

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