Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seattle To Portland Training: Day 1

So for those that haven't heard on Facebook or twitter yet, I am attempting to drop 80 pounds and ride the Seattle to Portland bike race this summer.

Currently, I'm 15 lbs in and losing quickly. The rides in to work have been easier and easier. Now its time to really get started. July is coming on quickly and there is a ton of prep work to get done. Fortunately, I had an amazing deal on a Trek road bike fall into my lap last week and today was day #1 on the new wheels.

This morning was pretty cold, but I still somehow made record time getting into work in about 7 minutes. While most won't find a 2 mile ride in 7 minutes much to boast about, keep in mind that's almost 1/3 of what the ride took me the first time.

My EVO is a complete asset during this training as I am using My Tracks and Google Navigator to trace riding routes and using CardioTrainer as my training program. I'm also using Calorific to watch what I eat at the aggressive goal of losing 4 lbs a week over the 20 weeks up until race prep time.

The beauty of this thing is that it is tracking my moves, sharing my progress and letting me post all about it. So, even though the EVO might be a bit outdated now, its still the perfect device for training for my monstrous task ahead.

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