Friday, February 25, 2011

Rental Cars, Hospitals and Getting Better...

This week has been amazing. When I say amazing, I mean in both good and bad ways. I always like to start with the bad, simply because it lets me spend more time with the positive stuff at the end.

So the week started off crazy enough with 3 days at the ICU wing of Overlake Hospital. Nana was admitted last Wednesday and got progressively worse until a breakthrough on Sunday evening. Finally by Tuesday evening she was looking and feeling much better.

We then got hit with a nice February snowstorm that crippled my ability to ride into work for the entire week.

The week continued to get more exciting with Ara getting in a fender squisher with a Jersey barrier during a freak ice storm. So the rest of the evening was spent dealing with insurance phone calls, a panicked wife and texts from everyone wanting to know what was going on.

Well fast forward to today.... The truck is in the shop, Ara is doing fine and even more amazing was the fact that Nana came home today.

Its times like this that make me realize how amazing life is and what is really important... I'm sitting here at home, while outside is cold and wintery. My amazing wife is sitting with me watching TV and I am content.

I'm greatful today. Nothing more can be said. I'm greatful for family, health, safety and most of all, faith. The faith that tomorrow will be better than today and no matter what, life is great.

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