Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Day, New Battery Stories, and Christmas...

Well, if you've been following my blog, you know I do almost everything from my HTC Evo from Sprint. Unfortunately, this phone is totally underpowered, or so I thought.

After making a few simple tweaks, I am back to the life of a 16 hour smartphone! I'm very excited to be back in business and if you want to know my secrets, email me and I will send them your way.

For now, back to writing the fun stuff known as Christmas with Evie and the Evo. Christmas eve was great. Mom and Dad came over from Port Orchard for the day, spent some time at John's with the kids before heading out to Chinese food for dinner. All in all, a very nice day!

Christmas morning, we packed up and headed to the farm. It was the busiest - lazy morning in history. Evie was spoiled rotten, including an impromptu seat on Elska, grandpa's favorite little horse. Weebles, dolls, drums and more were all at her disposal for the day. We almost had to leave some just for the lack of space in the truck.

After that we snuck out to Uncle Klee and Aunt Lou's place for a wonderful dinner. Evie decided it was time to refuel the batteries and took a nice nap in the truck while we watched part of Christmas Vacation on the Evo in the driveway. After she finally woke up, Evie had some fun showing off and then it was time to head home.

Christmas was great, and we really can't wait for next year... Well maybe we can wait a little while...
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