Sunday, November 28, 2010

And Fall Returns...

The last week has really felt more like the middle of a bad winter here. Of course, within a week, we are back to wet and 45 degrees. Part of me is sad to see the weather change back to a boring fall pattern, but I know its better for many to have it be normal again.

This shot was taken out at the farm in Duvall. A few years back, a place like this would have driven me nuts. No cable, no high speed internet, no streetlights!? Now, its nice just to go out and enjoy the peaceful setting and let the worries disappear for a moment.

Of course there is a major drawback to spending time relaxing there. I start to feel really guilty about not being able to help with all the odd jobs that need finishing or starting. I'm not the most handy guy, but I know enough to get in a bit of trouble with some tools.

I guess that's a topic for a whole other day though. For now, enjoy the fall weather because winter is coming.
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