Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Way Too Much Information

So another great thing about the Evo is the mobile entertainment aspect of it. It's stock apps work great for on the go TV (Sprint TV), Movies (Video Gallery), and of course, the great stock image viewer for checking out all those 8MP images from your camera.

When you hit the market for some 3rd party apps is where the real fun starts though!

The Skyfire browser allows you to watch streaming online content in a compressed format that practically eliminates lag and studdering. Check out great sites like cwtv.com or Fancast.com.

Rockplayer video player plays back almost any format video you can throw at it. Even high bitrate AVI files stream beautifully from your SD card.

Slacker or Pandora radio let's you stream hours of great music for free! Choose from genres, artists or even play holiday music in seconds on your device.

Overall, these few media apps can make your Evo a complete multimedia powerhouse and will make the overall experience of owning one a sheer joy.
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