Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Day!

It was a quiet Halloween day today. We started off the day at 4:40 this morning with an early Evie wake up. We got her back to sleep and made it all the way to 7:30, when the alarm went off to let us know it was time to get up for church.

Church was amazing... It was far from a normal service. The worship team started the day as normal, but then when it was the Pastor's time, he changed the game plan for the day. We broke into small groups and began to share with each other. We prayed, praised and got to know a few people that we see all the time, but never knew.

After the service we made plans to take Evie trick or treating and headed out. A quick stop by Grandma's store, and we were in Bellevue for a fun day at Newport Covenant Church.

A big thank you to Steve and Jeanie (and Adam) for sharing the afternoon with us!
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