Monday, May 29, 2017

A Weekend Of Projects


One of the joys of owning a house is being able to add some touches to make it your own. This weekend started off with a few of those little projects that really started to make our place, ours. From the screen door we added to the front to the beginnings of the office upstairs, the house is slowly, maybe even room by room, starting to become ours. Obviously, the changes for the weekend started out front. The new screen door will allow us a nice breeze in the evenings and quite a dose of sunshine during the daytime. It’s a needed and welcome addition to the entry.


Moving on to the first room redo that we have going on, or as we like to call it, the office. Gone are the closet sliding doors, having been replaced by Evie’s art nook. A perfect little area for all of her creativity to come out and be put on paper, canvas or whatever medium she wants to work on. We will get to getting some cubbies and cabinets for her to hide all her work away soon, but this is part one of the art area for her.


Moving around the room, the primary walls are now a dark blue color, which will be accented by a white desktop with a computer and sewing area. It will also have plenty of room for crafting as well, but we’ll make sure we make every effort to keep in clean and organized. I’ll post some additional images of the desk top once we convert the closet doors to the tops of the L-shaped desk and anchor it to the wall. then we will need to find a few drawers and some wall cabinets to really create a usable space.

For now, this was the weekend project, and things are coming together nicely.

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