Monday, October 22, 2012

Stripped: The Death Of A Hero

Today was a hard day to make it through, not because of a physical problem, or even a mental hurdle, but because today, the United States lost a hero. This hero defeated cancer and completed the toughest cycling event in the world over and over again. He won it 7 times starting in 1999 and finishing his domination of the sport in 2005. I wasn't in to cycling when he won, but Lance Armstrong was a name that everyone knew and was proud to say was an American.

Mr. Armstrong had all but accomplished everything a human being could do. He was a world renowned champion of the hardest race on the planet. He had beaten cancer. He founded one of the top fitness and cancer survivorship programs. He was an inspiration to millions of young cyclists and most of all, until now, he was an honorable man that the system was trying to destroy with horrible doping and performance enhancing drug rumors.

I guess I look at this and think, "I don't care..." I don't care if he transfused his blood or took some super-human growth hormones. The facts are, at least according to those that accused him, was everyone was doing it, so nobody had an advantage. I don't think it's fair in a world where Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were proven 'druggies' by almost everyone on the planet, but can get off because of a screwy court system, that someone as decent as Lance Armstrong goes down in flames.

Tell you what cycling world... Take his titles, take his money, take his sponsorships... You can't take the greatness that he accomplished, enhanced or not.

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