Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

It's October... It might still be 70 degrees out, but it is fall. We are having a gorgeous bout of weather in the Seattle area this year. There hasn't been any measurable rain in over 2 months and the temperatures rarely fail to reach 65 or better. Today, we decided to welcome fall anyways with a trip to our favorite pumpkin patch in Arlington. The Plant Farm at Smokey Point always has a great little setup for grabbing our fall decor.

We started out with a quick visit to Evie's favorite, the bouncy house. Then it was a short trek through the pumpkin field, which was full of perfect pumpkins since we were so early this year. While I made my way back around with the wheel barrow, Evie and Ara hit the petting zoo - though I think only the sheep were out as more animals were still coming in as we left.

From there, the girls hit the train ride, then I joined them on the hay ride. We took a different route than normal this year as we went south from the farm instead of north. It was the same short ride, but a different direction. Still fun though! From there we hopped back into the bouncy house for a few minutes and headed out with our bevy of squash-type decorations. There wasn't any carving quite this early, but I'm sure when there is, we will have plenty of photos to share!

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