Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Weekend Away

The amazing thing about a camera phone is that it is always there. Sometimes your regular camera is packed away, stuck in a pocket or even just left behind. When you take a vacation, having the ability to capture a quick glance or a moment that will only last a second is too important to trust to anything less than a good camera.

This weekend we went to our friend Donielle's wedding. The three of us packed up, headed west and found ourselves heading to Port Angeles. It was a non-working, work weekend. We took our Sony equipment along to shoot some pictures at Rob and Donielle's wedding, but way too many times did my big camera stay in the bag.

We had fun building sand castles on the beach, running around the town, hitting the Olympic Game Farm and even just the relaxing drive up the peninsula. We passed through Port Gamble and saw a bit of their Civil War reinactment. We drove through Sequim and other crazy little places too.

The only rough part was the fact that Evie wasn't in her own room, which really confused her the first night. She kept trying to open the hotel door to get in her room. We eventually got her to calm down and fall asleep. Thank goodness for Netflix on my phone. Only 4 episodes of Word World and a few Care Bears movies and Evie continued here happy streak.

The trip was amazing. The hotel isn't all it used to be, and the service was a bit rough. The town though still has some much charm, but Ara and I both decided its not all that kid friendly. Maybe next time we will do a bit more research about kids fun in the area.

She definitely had a good time at the game farm, watching the yaks was fun for her. The business and elk were beautiful and she really loved the aquarium.

Well, we had way more fun this weekend than I can put into words on this blog, so I'll let a few of the images tell the story for me.

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