Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Weekend Away: Sequim And The Olympic Game Farm


We all have those days where you just want to get away from it all. Normally, we just do a bit of a day trip drive and call it good. This weekend was a bit different though. With all the stress of life happening, we decided to make a run for the hills and find a hotel with a swimming pool to crash at for the night. We looked around the internet for a bit and then found the perfect thing – Sequim and the Olympic Game Farm. So we made our hotel reservation and jumped on the ferry for the ride from Edmonds to Kingston. We’ve probably made this drive a few dozen times, so it was a pretty familiar trip, right down to the summerish weather we got.


We arrived over in the Sequim area pretty early in the day, so we decided to hit the Game Farm first. Since the pass you purchase is good all day, we figured we could take the tour once or twice, then head to the hotel to check in. The Game Farm was spectacular as usual. It’s a drive through tour of a ton of different animals from all walks of life. From peacocks, like you see here, to the reindeer you see behind it. There’s something for everyone.


Evie and Ara’s personal favorites were definitely the llamas. These little guys really freaked them both out. Myself, I enjoyed the little guys quite a bit. This one and I had a bit of a pose off going, but I think he won.


As we progressed through the route, we came upon the yaks, which quickly became Evie’s favorite for the 20 seconds that we drove through them. She was back to tigers not too long after this, but the fact that she let one eat bread out of her hand is pretty impressive. From there, we finished the route with only some minor scuffs and scrapes on the car from the bison. Note to all that travel to this wonderful place, please do NOT stop on the wild game trail, you may have cleared the big guys, but the cars behind you have not!


After that, the kiddo was starving, so we hit a little place in town called The Oak Table. It was recommended by almost everyone around, so we jumped in to find the little place pretty crowded, but not so much that we couldn’t get a table. After we ordered, it took a bit for the food to arrive, but honestly, it was the best omelet that I have ever had. I guarantee you that we will be back there the next time we hit Sequim on a trip.

After lunch, we had an early check in at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Sequim. I was really expecting a ‘Motel 6’ quality room, but much to my amazement, it was actually a pretty nice room with a very nice bed. We could have done without the kids windsprinting up and down the hallways until 12 AM, but other than that, the hotel was very nice. The pool was excellent, especially for the two plus hours we had it completely to ourselves thanks to the front desk letting us check in early. One word of advice for this hotel though – if you can get them to move you to the END of the building, it’s a bonus. Our room was about 20 feet from the elevator and they are not sound proof doors.


After a delightful evening of swimming at the hotel (I think we logged about 5 hours the first day) and dinner at a local Thai restaurant, we settled in for the night. In the morning, we hit the complimentary breakfast early and then played at the pool for another few hours before checkout time. After we checked out, we decided to hit Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend. We were about 95% sure we were lost on the way there, but eventually that crazy road wrapped around to the entrance to the park. Unfortunately, the gorgeous weather that we experienced on day one had completely flown away by day two and we were getting cold and miserable quickly. Still, the park was amazing and we can’t wait to plan a trip back when the summer weather is here.


Since we were in route back to the ferry, we decided to stop and grab lunch before we went too far. We stopped at a pretty well reviewed place called the Snug Harbor Cafe. I won’t go too far into my review of this place, but the food was ok and the service was good – if you were a regular. If you weren’t, you pretty well got forgotten in your little corner of the world, but that was probably ok. As we watched from our corner table, we saw the wind, the rain and even the snow begin falling and blowing through. It was a pretty crazy weather day. After a quick stop in Port Gamble for some real coffee, we jetted back into Kingston to catch our ferry home. All in all, it was a great little overnighter.

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