Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Saying Goodbye…


Three years and eight months ago, we moved from our little condo in Everett to the Morning Run Apartments in Monroe. It was supposed to just be a year or two, but it turned in to more, and then more. Over the last few months, we have been watching for rentals in our price range and been feeling very let down by what was out there. Saturday, we were lucky enough to move in to our new home and begin the next chapter of our adventures in Monroe. Strangely enough, I almost have mixed emotions about the move.


I think the hardest part about leaving somewhere that a child has started life is the fear of losing the memories of so many life events. That little apartment was where Evie learned to talk. The hallway is where she took her first steps. It was the place that we found out she needed glasses and where we came home to after her first trip to Disneyland. It’s where she fell in love with Dinosaur Train and the first room she remembers. It was her house and she knew where it was.


Leaving it wasn’t a hard decision. As a matter of fact, it was one of the easiest decisions that we have ever made. Between pot smoking neighbors and the loudest walkers on the planet above us, it would have been harder to imagine staying than going. That said, this has been one of the hardest moves I’ve even made. Mostly for emotional reasons, and somewhat strange ones at that. See, I’m at a bit of a loss because of silly things. Things like I can’t have our Mom’s over for dinner to see the new house or the worry of what happens when our year is up here?


That said, I am so happy that we were blessed enough to find this place. It’s close enough to work to continue to operate on a single car, it was in our price range and most of all, we are blessed with the only stomper upstairs being our own child. I’ll do a full post about the house later, but I just wanted to get out a bit of the rawness of the feelings of this move before they were gone.

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