Monday, March 24, 2014

Pygmy Goats? Really… There’s A Contest For Them And I Went


Yes, that is a little goat, and yes it is in a competition. Yesterday, at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, there was a Pygmy Goat Show and contest. I’m honestly not 100% sure what they were judging them on, or maybe not being 100% sure of the criteria they were looking for is more accurate, but there were some really good ones, and some that didn’t seem like they were quite ready for prime-time.

The little guys (and girls) lined up at the outside of the ‘ring’ and stood patiently as the judge looked them over. She then checked for structure and watched them walk. This narrowed down her selections to just a few. She then double checked them and picked her winners.

WP_20140322_14_33_38_Pro (2)

Of course, during the class switches, we had to have something fun to do, so we improvised with our friends and made some awesome funny faces for the front facing camera. I happened to capture a few of them. This was one that wasn’t nearly this cool straight out of my Lumia 925, but I found a new feature last night that I was so impressed with… Editing in the Windows 8 OneDrive App!

That’s right, when viewing an image in OneDrive on my netbook, I could right click and perform quite the basic edits on the image.


Here is the original image as captured by the front camera on my 925…

WP_20140322_14_33_38_Pro (2)

Here is the edit, just like the image at the start of this paragraph. You can see the quick flip to black and white, the toning down of the bright light above the head and the focus blur for everything but her face really brings out quite a bit in the image.

The editing capabilities are pretty advanced for a built-in editor and usage couldn’t be easier. I would love to get a full Windows 8 tablet to give the OneDrive features a run on, but for now the netbook will have to do.


As the day continued, more goats were seen and the kids had more and more fun. We only stayed for two cycles as the girls had a birthday party to get to. Of course, that didn’t mean that there still wasn’t an opportunity to make a few more silly faces before we left!

WP_20140322_14_37_28_Pro (2)

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