Monday, February 17, 2014

Evie’s First Time Bowling


A rainy Saturday was rolling in to the Puget Sound area, so we decided it was the perfect day for a trek outside. We ventured south to Redmond to get in a quick photo shoot for a friend, then we decided that Northwest Trek was the place to go when it was going to be wet and windy. Unfortunately, our truck decided to alter our plan a bit as it developed a strange ‘hesitation’ on the freeway about Renton. We’re about 90% positive it is a fuel filter issue, but I’ll call the dealership later today to check on it. That said, we decided not to take the 30-40 mile drive further from home and head north.


About the time we hit Bellevue, we decided it was time for lunch. Given we were in Bellevue and I had just mentioned Lunchbox Laboratory, it made perfect sense to head there for some food. Once again, the burgers were amazing, the tater tots were fantastic and the chocolate shake was perfect. Lunch was a home run. While we sat and enjoyed out lunch, the thought of going bowling came up and we decided it was the perfect time to try it. We headed over to TechCity Lanes in Kirkland.


After about 30 minutes of playing in the ‘best arcade on the Eastside’ we were ready to start bowling. I put quotes around that because it was in no way the best arcade even in Kirkland as far as I was concerned. Half the games were broken, another chunk didn’t give out the tickets that they were supposed to and the few that worked were pretty darn boring. That said, it was time to get rolling.


We played for an hour – or loosely translated – about a game and a half. Evie did really well for her first time. We had a ‘roller’ rack and bumpers put up for her, but she really did well with just the rack. The rack allows you to place your ball on it, then just push it hard to get it down the lane. No worrying about footwork, letting go of the ball or anything like that.


Overall, for a day that didn’t go as planned, we had a blast. Evie really enjoyed her first time bowling. Ara enjoyed beating me in the only game we finished and I had fun just being there. It turned out to be a pretty great rainy Saturday.

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