Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Day!


This week has just been crazy regarding the weather. Last week, we had 20 degree temperatures and clear skies. Saturday night and in to Sunday, we had about an inch and a half of snow. By the middle of the week, temperatures were back in to the mid-50’s. Now, for the weekend, they are calling for severe winds and downpours. Fortunately, we did have that weekend of snow, and the rarity of having it on a weekend meant a snow day for me!


The storm started out Saturday night, about 10:00. There wasn’t much to see early on. Everything had been in a deep freeze – we call 20 degrees in Seattle a deep freeze – for about a week, so it started to stick pretty quickly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really coming down very quickly so it looked like Snowmageddon  was going to pass up Monroe again.


Over the next few hours though, it began to stack up a bit. This first image is about an hour and a half in to the snow fall. Just a little bit sticking to the dirt and the dry areas.


About 45 minutes later, the grass was pretty well covered and the pavement was beginning to show signs of snow as well.


Finally, after about 2 hours of the snow falling, we had a solid 1/2 and inch on the ground. From the rate that it was coming down, it seemed like there should be quite a bit more, but I guess we get what we get when storms like this come in.


The next morning, we awoke to a blanket of perfect snow. I’m not sure how I beat everyone else up that morning, but it was beautiful. The only footprints to be seen anywhere were the ones belonging to the dog walkers. It was just beautiful.


The snowfall was perfect. The ground was white, the cars were covered and the trees looked amazing.


The evergreens across the way from us looked like a scene from a Christmas card. Just lightly frosted and contrasting so well against the gray and white sky.


After about an hour of not wanting to venture out, Evie finally decided that it was a good idea for me and her to head outside and play. She plopped down 10 feet from the door and made her first snow angel of the day. She made it extra big, with a crown.


She then thought it was time to just roll around a bit before we took a walk around to see how pretty everything looked. She wanted to build a snowman… Insert the Frozen Song here… but she was afraid that it would get knocked over by the big kids. I came up with a speedy solution.


We took packed snowballs and smashed them up against a tree. This created a “ball” on the tree. We did a few more and had an instant base for a snowman – stuck to a tree. He was completely safe from those big kids knocking him over.


After the success of our Tree Snowman, Evie was wanting to move along. It was about this time we noticed that the pavement was getting a bit wetter, and the snow was starting to slowly melt away. We decided that it might be time to try and build that real snowman before we headed inside. We balled up the wet snow the best we could and Evie ran inside to get a carrot for the nose. He turned out pretty good if you ask me.


After we finished our snowman, it was becoming apparent that this snow was not going to last much longer. Just walking through fresh parts of it was leaving wet footprints. It was time to get out of the snow before we became completely drenched. We headed inside and watched the snow slowly melt. It was the perfect ending to a great snow day.

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