Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Night At The Races

Jake and Denera shot out an invite to the 100 lap Super 8 race on Saturday night. We felt like it was a great chance to take Evie to her first race. So we headed on over and made the 5 minute drive to the Speedway to see Livi's dad in action.

The evening was great with Christian and Livi hanging out with us for a while, Evie watching the cars, and a decent dinner from the consession stands...

After watching a few smaller races, the evening drew to a close with Jake's big race, the 100 lap Super 8's.

The race was pretty uneventful, with just a few caution flags and one ugly black flag incident. Jake stayed in the top 5 the entire night, finishing in 3rd.

The evening was a blast. We didn't even spend much money. The best part was being able to hang out with both my favorite girls, watched some really fun racing and got to see some friends do really well. Gotta give the 2 thumbs up to that one.

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