Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Yesterday, They Lost Their Leader…


Yesterday, we received an email from our dance studio that our littles had lost their leader. It was shocking to read, and even harder to comprehend. It’s especially difficult for us to deal with since Evie had developed such an amazing relationship with her. Her subtle change from drill sergeant to mom in 2.2 seconds was something that made her the perfect fit for our baby. Maybe the issue was she spent a bit too much time in mom-mode and not enough in military mode for some parents. Maybe there was a family  issue that wasn’t able to be worked out. Perhaps it was something all together different, but all I know is that I am devastated that Evie won’t get the chance to experience everything that this amazing woman had to teach her. 

From the few private lessons that we were able to sneak in this year, to the competition days where we lost our child for hours to the incredible person, we felt it was the absolute best place for Evie. Even though I have a feeling that she will never see this post, I just felt the need to say this. For what ever reason there is behind your departure, just know that you are loved, missed and we will always remember the lessons that you taught your littles! Thank you for being you and don’t ever change.

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