Sunday, January 12, 2014

Seahawks Sunday: Our Trip To The Game


All I can say is, “I can’t believe we got to go!” Yes, somehow, I was lucky enough to get chosen during a Twitter contest to win Seahawks playoff tickets. You see, John Legere, T-Mobile’s out of the box, trash-talking CEO, had a contest on Twitter to win the seats, and I was one of the chosen few that got to go.

We decided that we were going to bus it in to the stadium as parking at these things runs about $50 a car, so the $10 round trip for a bus from Bellevue seemed like quite the deal. After a very short drive to the park and ride, we caught the bus to downtown and walked over to CenturyLink Field in a torrential downpour. Fortunately, we took our raingear for just such a reason.

Now a bit of a bummer, apparently my SD card had another crap-out during this time frame and didn’t save the really awesome photos of the rain that was coming down sidewise in the 30-50 MPH winds. They would have been fun to see, but I guess the memories will just have to do.


After a bit of wandering around, we were able to figure out how cool this was going to be. Our seats were at about the 35 yard line, just under cover, which was perfect since it was pouring and windier than all get out. After we found our seats, we wandered up to the T-Mobile party with a catered lunch and drinks. After that, we checked out the area and went back to our seats.


There were times where the stadium was so loud I couldn’t hear Ara next tom me, but at other times, it was so quiet you could hear the person next to you whispering. It was eerily quiet when the Seahawks were on offense. It almost made me think that the TV pumps in some crowd noise when the Seahawks are on the field.


The game ended with the Seahawks taking the win over the Saints, 23-15. Even the final seconds of the game were crazy, with it ending with a 10 second run off due to a penalty for an illegal forward pass!


So, we owe this whole experience to T-Mobile and John Legere. So from a happy couple that got to witness an amazing game together for the first time, thank you.

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