Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Trip To Mount Vernon

We had a late start to the day. We’re all battling colds right now, but I can’t remember the last time I slept in till 11:00… Oh well, after making some decent pancakes for breakfast, we relaxed a bit before hitting the road for what we hoped would be an eagle watching adventure on the Skagit River.


We made our first stop at a shop that Ara had been wanting to visit for quite a while. Lingering Legacy is a re-purposed store in Marysville that is closing up their doors. The store would have been awesome to see when it was full, but with this being the final weekend, it was pretty much down to barebones and leftovers. great to see it before it went.


From there we hit the freeway to head north to the Skagit River. We decided about mid-Arlington that it might be a good time to stop off at the rest area to grab a bathroom break and some additional tissue for the noses. At the rest stop there is a really awesome 100 year old tree trunk that was trucked in from north Arlington in 1971. It is amazing and a great opportunity to snag a great photo.


We stopped for burgers at the Chuckwagon Drive In in Mount Vernon. The burgers were decent enough and the service was much better than we expected. We finished up lunch and checked the time. It was getting a bit late in the day to make the drive out highway 20 to see the eagles out that direction, so I thought to try Lion’s Park on the river in town. The park looked pretty dead, so we moved on to a nice drive through downtown Mount Vernon and then took the back roads out of town.


The roads were winding and empty, so stopping for images of old barns, sunsets and trees was easy, The scenery was just amazing. We left town headed down 2nd Street and turned west on to Hazel street. From Hazel, we moved south on to Britt and then Dike. Dike Road continued to follow the Skagit River all the way to Conway.


At Conway, we hung a quick jaunt west to do the Mann Road loop and snag a few shots of the sunset.


The drive ended normally after we cut over on Fir Island Road back to I-5 for the half hour drive back to Everett before heading east on highway 2 to come home. Overall, the day was pretty fun for having such a late start and no real plan going into it.

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