Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Crepe Escape Under-Delivers


Today, we had a chance to head somewhere for breakfast that we have been wanting to try for quite some time. The Crepe Escape and Coffee House in Snohomish was our choice for breakfast today as our usual hangout, Steve’s, was closed for the holiday. We had planned a quick breakfast and then a trip to the theater for the 11:30 showing of Frozen for Evie. We abandoned that plan quickly though when we drove out of town to catch the breakfast joint that everyone had been raving about.

We arrived to a somewhat busy Crepe Escape and were immediately impressed by the Zoka Coffee, an amazing variety of food and the comfy chairs in front of the fire. The first issue was the fact that they were out or cheese for their crepes… That should have been a hint. Oh well, we placed our order and went to sit down.

We waited about 15 minutes before our luke warm coffees showed up, and not in the fancy “cups” like everyone else had at their tables when we came in, but instead we just got the normal paper cups with plastic lids… Strike one…


With about 2/3’s of our cold coffee gone, the crepes finally showed up. The crepe was quite good, although I think it would have benefited from the cheddar cheese that was replaced with Swiss. The ham and egg crepe was decent enough, but again, was missing a major element with its lack of cheese. The last was the most disappointing of all. The spinach in her crepe was so loaded in the center that it wasn’t cooked and made the rest of the crepe cold. Overall, the coffee being OK at best and 2 out of the 3 crepes failing to deliver any enjoyment at all made the experience of the Crepe Escape something we couldn’t wait to escape from.

We are definitely going to give the Crepe Escape another chance at some point, but we will have much lower expectations than we did going in this time – and probably won’t spend nearly as much cash on food and drinks when we do.


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