Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Official Start Of Our Year–The Reveal


This weekend was the official launch to our year. It’s not a big party or anything normally associated with ‘new year’ stuff, but rather a dance event. This big event is known as “The Reveal”. The Reveal is the showcase that is put on just before the start of competition season for our dance teams. This is Evie’s second year on the Mini-Elite squad at Platinum Dance Center. This year’s theme is Rosie The Riveter, and they are performing to a fun song called Whistle While You Work It. 

The routine went off without a hitch, even though Evie didn’t perform her signature Kick-over move due to a strained shoulder – yes, my 7 year old dancer has been to a physical therapist to have her shoulder looked at already… Wow! – and the company members looked amazing! This is going to be a great competition season for all of them. The official season begins next Saturday, so wish Evie luck!

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