Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Have A First Grader!

2015-06-10 18.34.30

I know there’s a few more days left of school, but Evie officially went through her Kindergarten graduation last night. It’s been an amazing year watching her grow, learn and start turning into her own person. There are times where I wonder if we are doing as much as we can for her, but then I realize the truth something my parents said to me, “We can’t make you grow up, we can only help guide you along the way.”

2015-06-10 18.48.13

I hated that answer growing up with two older brothers that were always able to do things before me, but I get it now. She’s the one that has the job of growing up and turning into who she is going to be. We’re just the guard rails (or bumper bowling things) to keep her on the right path. I’m thankful tonight that Ara was able to spend so much time with Evie this year in class and that Evie had such an amazing first teacher. I’m also feeling very blessed that she was able to find a home at her first school and hope she doesn’t have to leave it until she has to.

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