Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break At Cama Beach


Celebrating Evie’s first official Spring Break from school, we ventured out to Cama Beach for a few days to stay on the beach in one of their waterfront cabins. We had checked them out back in February, but actually spending the night there just seemed like such a great idea.


The cabin sleep 3-4 pretty easily, and more can fit if you snag one of the double bunk bed options. We opted for the 2 single beds, which worked fine for us, but families should consider the fact that if you get the higher capacity rooms, you won’t have as much room to breathe if the weather turns. Our little room had plenty of space, and a nice heater to keep us warm on the colder spring night.


Cama Beach has plenty of trees to climb, beaches to walk and hiking paths to explore. There are also volleyball courts, paid showers and a restaurant on site for when you just don’t want to cook in your private kitchen, which is known as a microwave and small fridge.



The day’s were great at Cama. Filled with running around, kite flying, and a new found favorite, Geocaching. The nights were where I really had an amazing time. As darkness fell, the beach turned gorgeous shades of red, orange and blue. And then it was time for some campfires. Cama features burn rings that cabins share, but due to the fact that it was a bit early in the season, we didn’t run into any major issues with people borrowing our heat.


Another remarkable part of Cama was the evenings on the beach. As the stars came out and the temperatures fell, I was able to check out planets, stars and just really enjoy the evenings after Ara and Evie headed inside to warm up. Just a simple cup of coffee and a starry evening does wonders for keeping me happy.

Cama Beach was a great way to spend Spring Break, and it is definitely on the short list of where we will head back to next year. The cabins are comfy enough for colder stays and the the perfect weather we had this time around sure makes me want to try it again.

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