Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Night: Friends And Family Edition

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One night of the year we can become kids again, dress up and enjoy a night of being a candy collecting 10 year old. Well, not exactly, but pretty close. Fortunately, Evie is pretty creative about nights like Halloween and she had a plan. Our family would go as the characters from Little Red Riding Hood. This included herself as the Wolf, Mama as Red and me as Grandma. Yes, that’s me being Grandma up there…

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Our night stated off with dinner at our friends. We met up with more friends and ended up with three littles ready to get their candy collecting on. We had the Zombie/Vampire thing going. Our wolf thing was also on. Then we had one of the best Anna of Arendales that I have ever seen. Well played guys!

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The darkness settled in and we were off and running. The first house went off without a hitch with all the girls figuring out the system pretty quickly. It was Jozy’s first Halloween night, so it was a bit of a learning curve for the oldest in the group, but she had it down in no time. We then moved around the neighborhood at a good clip trying to beat thee weather.


Some of the houses really did Halloween up. This one felt more like Christmas than Halloween, although the creepy blow-ups were not exactly Santa and his reindeer. Still the kids loved it and it is definitely on the list for next year.

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Around the corner, there were more houses done up with the front yard decor. This house had an amazing ‘graveyard’ scene going complete with Slash from Guns N Roses and a decapitating skeleton. It doesn’t get much better than a skeleton holding a severed head on Halloween does it?


Overall, the night was amazing. We spent a good evening with great friends and the kids had a blast together. The night ended with tons of candy, so the last kids to come to the door got a nice surprise – an entire bag full of candy – and then some. Hopefully we can do it all again next year, but the question will be, what should we do for our costumes?

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